The Vengeance of the Tiny Turtle People

Backstage Young Curators Program, Longford, 10 June 2020

Once there lived a Tasmanian Devil called Tara.  She was very evil.

Tara is hiding away in Africa, because all the animals in Tasmania kicked her out.

In Africa, all the animals and pets are outside because it’s so hot, so Tara is able to kill a few other animals.

She shares her scraps with Dobbie. Dobbie’s food is rubbish she finds in bins and leftover carcasses that people were hunting down.

Tara’s biggest wish is to turn everyone evil and she wanted Dobbie’s help.  Dobbie didn’t want to help because Dobbie is kind and she had a baby to look after.

Dobbie didn’t want to turn everyone evil, so Tara broke Dobbie’s leg.

The Tiny Turtle people with hats are street dancers who are trying to get rid of Tara and Dobbie.

But Tara didn’t know that Dobbie is secretly working for the Tiny Turtle people dancing with hats…