Is Violence The Answer?

Our Lady of Mercy NS, 6th Class, 19/05/10
Gorgonzola ran out of a shop because the 47th dress she tried on didn’t fit her.

As she ran down the lane with tear stained eyes, she tripped and bumped into Jack Michaelson.

Embarrassed, her cheeks turned bright red. Jack wanted to cheer her up and started dancing. 

But she cried even more.

She thought about asking Jack to her party but hesitated because he had destroyed her last party with his terrible dancing. She decided at last to ask him anyway, as he was her best friend.

“Jack, would you like to come to my Super Sweet 16?”

Jack replied, “of course, totally dude! I love parties! The last one was amazing, I rocked the stage.”

Jack decided he’d better start rehearsing his moves and attempted to moonwalk home. He was so bad, he fell into a dumpster.

Jack called out, “I’m o.k., I’ll still be able to dance at the party!”

She decided that the only way to stop him embarrassing her was to break his legs. She started to form a plan…