The War of the Fruit

Scoil Chualann​, 4th class, County Wicklow, 28th March 2019

Once upon a time, I was a baby growing into a banana from a tree.

When I was born my mother and father, who are both banana trees, called me Barry.

One day I saw a kiwi riding on a mole and carrying a genie lamp.

I went over and said:

“Hi. My name is Barry.”

He didn’t look like any of my brothers and sisters. I was nervous at first, but then the conversation started and I really enjoyed it.

We were friends for a couple of weeks, until the day we got fruit-napped.

Kevin the Kiwi told me:

“Mr Plum is trying to take over the banana tree.

He wants to start bringing plums into the banana tree and convert it into a plum tree and kick the bananas out! Maybe he fruit-napped us!”

“Maybe you could use your genie lamp to help the bananas out?” I said.

We rubbed the genie lamp, and a big fat genie came out.

“You have three wishes!!” said the genie.

“First of all, I would like to turn into a mole!” I said.

“Alacazam!” said the genie. There was a gust of blue wind and I became a mole.

As a mole, I burrowed my way out of the black bag we were stuck in and headed over to the plum tree to spy and gather some useful information.

I found out that the plums were killing bananas to construct a mysterious banana killing gun… DUN DUN DUN