The War of the Fruits

St Fiachra’s Junior School, 2nd Class, 6th September 2018

Once upon a time there was a baby apple called Bob. His Mammy and Daddy fell off the apple tree before him.

One day Bob made a friend called Sarah the Strawberry.

They found each other because there was a strawberry tree next door.

One day Bob said to Sarah “I really want to be the leader of the apple army and take down the leader of the oranges”.

Sarah said “Good idea! I don’t like the oranges either”.

They didn’t like the oranges because they were being mean to the other fruit and they were squirting juice at them.

The Chicken Nuggets were listening and they told the oranges that the apples were going to try to attack them!

The oranges asked “Why are they going to attack us? We only squirted juice”.

The Chicken Nuggets answered “You may have done it more than one time…”

The oranges said “oh.”

The Chicken Nuggets went back to the apples and said that the oranges were going to attack them too…