War of the Kitchen Utensils

Mother of Divine Grace National School, Ballygall, 6th Class, 20th March 2012
It was a dark and stormy night when Mrs Cheesegrater and Sally the Saltshaker entered the kitchen from the shop.

They were put on the counter.

A fat little mouse came up to Mrs Cheesegrater and threatened her, saying, “I’m going to eat all the cheese before you can grate it!”

“Okay,” said Mrs Cheesegrater nervously.

“You haven’t seen the last of Cheddar,” said the mouse and he scurried away.

Just then, the woman who bought Mrs Cheesegrater opened the press, found Mr Cheesegrater and threw him in the bin.

After she left, Mr Cheesegrater’s girlfriend Polly the Peppershaker, ran over to Mrs Cheesegrater and screamed, “This is all your fault! She bought you as a replacement.”

Sally the Saltshaker said, “Leave her alone!”

Polly pushed Mrs Cheesegrater off the counter and she made a clanging noise as she hit the floor.

The woman heard the noise and came back into the kitchen and put Mrs Cheesegrater, Sally and Polly into the press.

Polly said, “You’re going to pay for this...”