The War of the Water-balloons

Cloghroe National School, 6th Class, County Cork, 11 January 2019

Tiffany Thomas is a window cleaner and she's been working for two years and by her side are her two friends the Warthog called Roy and the Patricia the Parrot.

She hated her job and wanted to help endangered penguins.

One day she was cleaning the Mayor's house and Patricia flew away.

An hour later she was supposed to be going on a flight to Antarctica, but she decided to look for Patricia instead.

While she was looking for Patricia a flying ostrich came in with water-balloons.

Roy tried to fight it off but it was too strong.

Instead the ostrich picked up Roy and put him on the roof. 

Tiffany used her window cleaning powers to fight it off.

But Tiffany's powers only made the ostrich angry and the ostrich threw the water-balloons at Tiffany.

However, Tiffany used her cleaning brush and  sprayed the ostrich in the eyes and scared it away and saved the Warthog.

Roy jumped on the ostrich and flattened it.

That evening Tiffany and Roy had ostrich pie.

Suddenly she heard Patricia calling her name....