The Water Lily

By Zoe

For Ciara and Debbie with love

Chapter 1
The Discovery

One day a little girl called Ailsa was sitting by the lake with her friend, Sky, when there was a cool, strong breeze and Ailsa and Sky were swept off their feet. Suddenly Ailsa and Sky felt as if they were shrinking, tinier and tinier. “Look Ailsa I’m on a flower!” exclaimed Sky. Indeed she was on a flower. Suddenly it turned into a kite.

“Well, that was a good use of a flower, he he!” said Sky, laughing. “Look what I found, a water lily” said Ailsa.

It was true,the water lily was very beautiful. “Wow” whispered Sky, “it’s beautiful”. “I know” answered Ailsa.

Chapter 2
Shapes and Sizes

Ailsa looked out her window, it was morning, and Ailsa couldn’t stop thinking about the day before. “I need to go back to that water lily” she thought. So she asked Sky if she could help. “Please!” said Ailsa. “Why do you want to go back?” said Sky. “It seems interesting” said Ailsa. “Oh fine” said Sky. So they both went back to the lake but when they arrived they became small again.

“Not again!” complained Sky.” It’s ok Sky” said Ailsa, “it makes it easier to cross the water to get to the water lily”.

“How Ailsa?!” said Sky. “We can use flowers” said Ailsa. “Good idea!” said Sky. So she tried it. “It works!” said Sky. It was working, Sky was in a flower, floating in the middle of the lake.

“I am going to try!” said Ailsa, so she did. And she was also now floating in the middle with Sky.

“How are we going to move?!” said Sky. “We will use sticks as oars” said Ailsa.

“Good idea again!!!” said Sky. So they made their way back to the lily and had a wonderful time on the lily.

Chapter 3
Height in Flight

It was evening, and Ailsa and Sky were still at the lake.

“Oh look, there is another small girl!” said Ailsa.

There was another small girl on a paper aeroplane on the horizon of the sunset.

“Ahhhhhh!” said the girl, her name was Florence. “Hello” said Florence. “Hi!” said Sky and Ailsa.

“Can we go on your aeroplane with you?” asked Sky.

“Of course!” said Florence.

So they all flew back home, into the sunset.

The End