The Wee Leprechaun

St Francis SNS, Coolock, 5th Class, 12th March 2009
Mojo, the leprechaun, is in a parade. He gets paid because he is very small.

He doesn’t like being in the parade because he doesn’t get enough money and he doesn’t like people looking at him.

He’s on a float and he is thinking to himself ‘I am a leprechaun, get me out of here!’

He gets bored so he jumps off the float and lands on a shamrock. The shamrock screams and cries ‘Get off me!’ 
Mojo only hears little sqeaks but he doesn’t know what they are. He gets up and looks around to see where the sqeaks came from.

When he looks down he sees a little shamrock jumping up and down waving a little fist in the air.

Mojo picks up the shamrock and says ‘What are you doing down there, are you okay, what’s your name?’

‘My name is Rocky,’ says the shamrock. ‘What’s your name?’ 

‘Mojo’. replies the leprechaun.

A man walking by wonders who the leprechaun is talking to, and thinks he is a mad leprechaun talking to himself.

Mojo and Rocky get on really well and become great friends. Mojo thinks Rocky is the funniest shamrock he has ever met. One day, when the two are talking, Mojo reveals his biggest wish to Rocky that he wants to grow taller.

Rocky says ‘ I can help you because I am a magic shamrock’. Rocky casts a spell and says ‘Hockus Pockus grow avockus.’

Suddenly, Mojo instead of growing taller, shrinks down to the same size as the shamrock. Then Rocky says ‘Sorry, my spells only work on shamrocks.’

The leprechaun shouts ‘Oh dear, I’m tiny. We need to find someone to help me grow big.’...