The weird life of Harry porter

​Scoil Thomáis, Castleknock, 4th Class, 8th November 2016

Chapter 1

Harry Porter lived on a dairy farm close to the woods. One day, a possessed, purple cow with blue spots came into the barn. 

Harry’s greatest fear was cows. It was very hard for him to live on a dairy farm.

Harry said,”Richard! Save me!” 

Richard was an invincible bubble who had been created by a unicorn. Richard was a hypnotist and also Harry’s best friend. 

“It’s just a cow, man. Chill!” said Richard. 

“Richard, come on! You’re my best friend!” said Harry. 

“This always happens,” said Richard. “I need to get some new friends.”

Chapter 2

Billy, the packet of chips, came into the yard and yelled, “Harry, you’ve lost the remote. Again!”