The Weirdo with the Chainsaw Part 1

St Brendan’s National School, Artane, 5th Class, 24 May 2012
Once upon a time there was a very big farm where a baby cow was born, named Plump. 

Plump was dropped on his head by Justin Beaver and became crazy!

When he woke up he saw a chainsaw and said, “Yazoo!  I’m going to kill Justin Beaver.” 
Seventeen years later Plump was all grown up. 

He was about to be milked by Mrs. McConkey when a kangaroo named Pablo ran in with a katana. 

He said, “I’ll slice your head off if you don’t get off him there!”

Plump and Pablo heard that Justin Beaver was having a concert in Barbados.  They decided to go.

They flew over with Cow Airlines. 

The security guards wouldn’t let them in to the concert, so they decided to sneak around the back. 

They needed to distract the security guards to get into the concert...