What a Day!

Scoil an tSeachtar Laoch, 6th Class. 1st December 2009. Illustrations by Phil Barrett.
Mr.Toastie, the flying toaster, was in the shop one day. He was on the shelf, waiting to be bought.

A really narky family came over and bought him. But Mr.Toastie didn’t want to go with that family. He wasn’t being used, so he flew away.

He didn’t realise that his friend, Johnson, a piece of toast with arms and legs, a smiley face and a chef’s hat, was still inside the toaster!

Mr.Toastie was flying along when Johnson cried out, “Don’t fry me, dude! We must make the best ham toastie ever.”

Mr.Toastie got a fright and dropped Johnson on the ground. A flock of pigeons tried to eat the piece of toast, but Mr.Toastie scared them away.

Mr.Toastie said, “Okay then, let’s make the best ham toastie ever.”

While they were flying around, they found Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. They made the best ham toastie ever in his restaurant, without the chef knowing.

Gordon Ramsay came into the kitchen and saw the ham toastie. He took a bite and thought it was delicious.

Meanwhile, Johnson was pretending to be a sandwich so that he wouldn’t be caught in Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant. But Gordon saw him and picked him up to eat him. 

Just before he took a bite he became suspicious because he didn’t know who had made the toast, the toast was wearing a chef’s hat and the toaster had wings!

Gordon Ramsay called all his cooks into the kitchen.

“Who made this ham toastie?” he shouted.

One of the chefs, Pierre, said, “Are you sure it wasn’t you? One of the toasters is plugged in.”

Gordon Ramsay slapped Pierre and roared, “Shut up you!” 

Just then Jamie Oliver walked in and ate a bit of the ham toastie.

“There is a ham toastie competition on in the Big Apple. Whoever made this should go there and become famous,” said Jamie. 

Mr.Toastie and Johnson heard this and flew to New York…