What Granny Did

Trinity National School, Westport ,5th and 6th Class, 14th June 2016 

Lucas the genius woke up early in his granny’s house.  He looked at a picture of his parents beside his bed. 

Both his parents had been killed three years previously, testing out their new prototype of their time machine.  

The newspaper headlines had said, Two People Killed In A Bizarre Car Crash On A Quiet Country Road.

Only Lucas knew about their experiment.  

His dearest ambition was to perfect his parents’ time machine so that he could go back in time to save their lives. 

What Lucas does not know is that both of his parents are stuck in 1493. 

“Oh! I have to ask Granny for some money for lunch but she is going to say, Do I look like I am made of money?

I already pay for your clothes, blah blah blah,” thought Lucas to himself…