What A Shopping Spree!

Betty was afraid of the manager of the Omni because her boots were muddy from being in the muck with her horse.  She didn’t want the manager to give out to her for tracking in mud!
Betty had left her horse Buttons outside in the car park.  Adding to Betty’s troubles with the manager was that her horse had eaten most of the flowers in the planters. He’d then trampled over any of the flowers that were left.

The manager was called Bob.  He was fat and small with grey hair – and he was allergic to horses!  He wanted to throw Betty out of the Omni Centre.

Betty decided on the things she had to buy: new cowgirl boots, hair clips and a lipstick, so she went into Penneys and then to Boots.  She thought that she might also go to the salon next to Penneys to get her nails done.

Bob came in from the car park, coughing and sneezing and very cross that the flowers had been destroyed.  He was looking all over for Betty.  Where was she?

He had a look at the security camera, into all the shops and restaurants and everywhere else.  He spotted her in the salon and ran over to throw her out!

Betty knew that Bob was looking for her, so she ran out of the salon. They were both running so fast that they slammed into each other and fell into the fountain.  Now they were both soaking wet!

“Hey!  My hair and make up are ruined!  They’re destroyed!” says Betty.
“Well, my hundred dollar hairpiece and my suit are ruined too!” says Bob. ....