Where Is The Evil Anymore?!

St Joseph CBS Fairview 3rd Class 7 September 2011
Tiguar, a half-tiger half-jaguar, was at home under a tree in the jungle in the Arctic.

He was making a plan with his best friend, a parrot called Stop Talking.

“Stop talking, Stop Talking!” said Tiguar. “I’m trying to make a plan to become invisible and climb the Empire State building. I can’t just fly up like you!”
"I can’t stop talking,” Stop Talking replied. “My name is Stop Talking!!”
“If you don’t stop talking, I’m going to have to get very severe and use a banana!” said Tiguar.

Stop Talking, who was very afraid of bananas, became quiet.

So the two friends decided to go to New York. They had to fly in the hold because that’s where animals go. When they got to New York, Tiguar jumped out in a parachute.

Stop Talking flew down and landed on a taxi.

But Tiguar landed in a vat of toxic waste and suddenly he was invisible.  But he didn’t know it!

He decided that he had to find Stop Talking.

When he found Stop Talking he said “Hey, Stop Talking! I fell out of the plane and into a vat of toxic waste!!”

“Who is that?”, said Stop Talking.

He couldn’t see his friend because he was invisible!!