The White Lady

St Eithne’s Girls National School, Edenmore, 5th Class, 20 June 2016

Not long ago, there was a really sly snake called Sally who wanted to lose her snakeness. 

Sally lived in the woods with her owner, Sam the lumberjack. She wanted to become a human. 

One day, while slithering around the woods, Sally came across The White Lady. The White Lady had her hair hanging in front of her face. She was dressed in a black cloak, but the rest of her body was white.

The White Lady sang creepily, “I am The White Lady and I’m going to get you.”

Sally was terrified so she slithered back to her cabin. When she got back, she went straight to Sam. 

She said, “You won’t believe what I just saw!”
“What?” asked Sam.

“The White Lady!” she told him.

“Oh, that’s just a legend. You’re probably tired or something,” said Sam.

Sally went straight to her small bed under Sam’s bed that he had made for her. 

She woke up in the dead of night to the sound of the rocking chair rocking. She slithered out of bed and saw The White Lady in the rocking chair, singing the same song. 

Sally quickly slithered back up to Sam, only to realize he was missing. 

In her panic, Sally knocked over Sam’s magic axe. It split her in half. Suddenly, she turned into a human. 

Sally didn’t hear The White Lady floating up the stairs looking for Sam...