Who Stole Me Hair Straightener?!

St Fiachra's National School, Beaumont, 6th Class, 20th April 2009
One day, Alex was driving furiously down the road in his old banger, dressed in his belly-dancing gear.

The thing he was most afraid of had happened! 

He’d lost his hair straightener on the morning of the Ballymun’s Got Talent competition!

He was terrified that his dream would be flattened – because the Queen of England herself was to be at the competition! 

He had a feeling that the Wise Guy – a nickname he had for the  Ballymun bully – had stolen it. 

When he got to the competition, Alex walked up to his best friend, Rod the Australian, to tell him about what had happened – and found his hair straightener in Rod’s bag!

“’S’up bud, check ou’ me hair! Wha’s me hair straightener doin’ in your bag?” Alex cried.

“Some bloke who looked suspiciously like the Wise Guy gave it to me, mate!” said Rod.

“I thought you were s’posed to be me best bud!” said Alex.........