Why Are you Afraid of Uranus?

Scoil Mhuire, Coolcotts Coolcott’s Ln, Townparks 5th Class, 18th October 2019

Mr and Mrs Bouncyshoes are very good friends.

They like having fun in space. .......

14 million years ago Uranus was born and Mrs. Bouncyshoes was petrified.

She lives on a place called Mars right next to Uranus.

She wishes she had a friend.

She found a friend on Mars called Mr. Bouncyshoes and then they went to Uranus to face her fears, but then he got turned into a fish.

While she was on the planet Uranus, in the distance she saw a genie lantern.

The genie appeared and she had her first wish:

“to make fish talk”.

And her second wish was to:

“to make the fish breathe out of wa- ter”.

Then her final wish was to become president!

But she only found out the conse- quences then...