Why We Should Stop Using Diesel Cars!

By Ryan, age 9 – Co. Kildare

Hello, my name is Ryan and I think it is outrageous that diesel cars were ever made. They produce emissions, they use fossil fuels and they negatively affect the environment.

Firstly, diesel emissions contribute to the development of cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory health effects, the pollution of air, water and soil, reductions in visibility and global climate change.

Where instituted, control programmes have been effective in reducing diesel fleet emissions.

Secondly, diesel cars use fossil fuels but when supplies are exhausted, there will no longer be vehicles driven on diesel. If there is no diesel, life for humans will become difficult. More sustainable types of transport will have to be put to use.

Due to this, there will be less pollution and global warming decreases.

Finally, diesel cars produce MILLIONS of tonnes of emissions every year. This is affecting our environment badly every single day and our world’s nature is dying very fast.

In conclusion, we figured out how diesel emissions lead to the development of cancer and affect climate change, how if fossil fuel supplies are exhausted, it will be harder for us but it still helps us by decreasing global warming and we figured out that diesel emissions are affecting our nature.

So, I declare that diesel cars should be banned!