William the Worm and the Magic Beans

Scoil Mobhí​ Glasnaíon​, 5th Class, 27th May 2019

Once there was a worm called William. His companion was Passion Fruit the Monkey.

William’s friend Passion Fruit was badly injured in the war so he took him to the forest.

They enjoyed a quiet life in the forest - until a year later, when they saw four glowing beans in the night.

Then it started raining salt and the beans disappeared.

William started crying and he went to his underground house in his mini-van.

He found the glowing beans in the ground. William brought the beans to the surface in the mini-van.

Passion Fruit stole the beans from the van.

He used the glowing beans’ power to teleport away.

William was confused why Passion Fruit would steal the beans so he went to his secret underground library to study about the beans.

William discovered that the beans were magic and that looking at the beans makes anyone want to steal them.

Meanwhile, Passion Fruit had eaten one of the beans and it turned him into a big, big, big gorilla.

Now, there were only three beans left…