Willow the Ghost and the friendly Dog

Presentation Girls School Maynooth 4th Class & St Philip’s Junior N.S. 1st Class Fighting Words Wicklow, 16 January 2020

Willow stood halfway in and halfway out of the wall.

She had been living in a mansion all alone for about 50 years.

She had been a servant in the house. Until one day, a chandelier fell on her.

She died and thought she had been murdered, so she became a ghost.

One day, she got halfway out of the mansion through the wall. Usually, when she went outside, she brought her umbrella with her. But today she forgot it.

She wanted to go outside to look for Charlie the dog, her best friend.

She finally found Charlie inside a grandfather clock.

She went on TikTok to get over her fright at nearly losing Charlie.

“Don’t go into a grandfather clock anymore, Charlie! You could suffocate.”

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me,” said Charlie.

But one day, Charlie did die.