The Wishing Pearl

​Navan Educate Together National School, 2nd Class, 10 October 2016 

One day Squiddy the Squid and his best friend Sticky the Stick Man were playing in the water and they saw Chocolate Chip the Cookie with an army of cookies. 

Chocolate Chip the Cookie lived in Chocolate Land under the sea. 

While Squiddy the Squid and Sticky the Stick Man were playing they met the shark that was guarding the pearl.

The pearl could give you one wish.

Sticky the Stick Man wanted to get the pearl up on the underwater mountain that the shark was guarding. 

The shark looked scary so Sticky the Stick Man ran down the mountain to Squiddy the Squid.

Sticky the Stick Man said, “I cannot go up there. That shark is too scary.”