The Worst Day Ever

St Vincents Girls National School North William Street 4th Class 14th June 2011
One scary day, there was a girl called Mrs. Anybody.

It was the start of a school day and as she was walking down the hall she bumped into a girl with no head!

Mrs. Anybody was so startled that she spilled her fizzy drink on the headless girl, who was called Mrs Peabody.

Mrs Peabody kicked Mrs. Anybody and started typing on her arm computer.

“You spilled fizzy drink all over my new clothes!” she wrote angrily.


She turned around to walk away, but her head fell out of her backpack! She didn’t notice and kept walking away.

Mrs. Anybody picked up the head, which started to scream at her.
“Why did you do that to me?!?”

“It was an accident,” Mrs. Anybody cried back.

All the other students in the hallway thought that Mrs. Anybody robbed the head off of Mrs. Peabody and they all hated her for being a thief.

Because no one liked her, Mrs. Anybody started to worry that she wasn’t good at anything.

Suddenly, she looked down and saw a little fly crawling in the hair of Mrs. Peabody’s head. She thought it was a spider, so she screamed and dropped the head.

“Pick me up!” shouted the head.

There was glue on Mrs. Peabody’s head from when she tried to put her head back on, and when Mrs. Anybody picked it up the head stuck to her hand!

The glue burned Mrs. Anybody’s skin and made her break out in pimples all over her body.

All Mrs. Anybody wanted to do was to get famous by singing on X Factor and being an actress in horror films. She used to be famous for being in a pimple cream advertisement but the cream turned her pimples into green spots, so she couldn’t be in the ad anymore.

Mrs. Anybody finally found Mrs. Peabody on the set of a film. She walked up to Mrs. Peabody, with her head still glued to Mrs. Anybody’s hand…