The Worst Day Ever

By Rudi - Aged 8

Ok, you noticed I am angry, but this time am so angry. I'll tell you the story. On my way to ballet I tripped. I thought my knee was broken but it was not. When I got to ballet my tights were tight and itchy. My ballet teacher said that I was disturbing her class so I got kicked out of class. When shopping with mum, I remember it was turn to pick the cereal. So I picked Rainbow Pops but mam said I have porridge and that it was a waste buying them.

When I got home I jumped onto the couch to watch Tv but Mam said I unpack the groceries, so I did that. The Mam said I have to do my homework before playing video games. I really wanted to go to the chippers down the road for dinner but Mam said we are having a lovely stew but I hate stew. 

After a few minutes I got really bored so I asked if my friend Charlotte could come down to play but it was too late and I knew what my parents would say. Day would say I see my friends enough in school and you know what Mom would say, "It's way too late".

The next day I asked my Dad if I could go for a walk with him, he said no. When When I went to school I was wearing the wrong uniform I was supposed to wear a tracksuit but I was wearing my pinafore. So I had to sit out PE but I loved it. When it was home time, no body came to collect me. So I had to wait which I found very boring.

When my Dad came to collect me he said sorry for being late, but I still gave out to him. One lovely Saturday morning I went down the stairs for breakfast, my Mam was making poached eggs but they were really runny and you know I do not like when eggs are runny. In the afternoon my friend Alice came over. We has some cookies and I got a broken cookie. So I didn't want to eat it. When my friend went home Mam told me to go to bed because it was extremely late. I do not want this to happen again. Then I learned my lesson that life is just life.