The Worst Fear

Virgin Mary BNS Ballymun 3rd, 4th & 5th Class 9th February 2011
Sausage Bob, a monkey with a fish face, was in Tesco doing his weekly shopping.

It was thursday, his favourite day of the week.

Sausage Bob’s trolley was full of butter as usual, when he bumped into his neighbour Marley Bob, who asked him, “What’s up with all the butter?”

Sausage Bob said, “I need the butter to make some sculptures and to make sandwiches and cakes for a picnic.”

Sausage Bob continued to push his trolley through Tesco.  He was wearing the socks that his best friend Squirrel Face, the dinosaur with a fish face, had given him for Christmas.

The socks were had multi-coloured stripes and polka dots and they lit up.

Sausage Bob was very afraid of ruining his socks -  he knew his mother would be very cross if he got them dirty 

Sausage Bob suddenly crashed into his friend Squirrel Face’s trolley, which was also full of butter.

The butter ended up all over his face, his shirt, his socks and even under his toe nails. 

Both Sausage Bob and Squirrel Face were sprawled on the floor.

They were laughing, when suddenly Sausage Bob’s mother came along and saw the socks.