Yo I wish I could go to Paris

St. Columbus GNS, Glasnevin, 3rd & 4th class, 30th April 2012
Once upon a time there was a doorbell called Mr. Ding–Dong.

All his life he had been stuck to a door. In the rain, hail, whirlwinds and the snow. At Christmas he never even got any presents.

One day he was hanging around on his door, thinking of his greatest wish.

‘Oh I wish, I wish I could go to Paris and climb the Eiffel tower,’ he sighed. ‘I’m sick of being stuck to this old rusty door.’
He wriggled and struggled and eventually he fell off the door. He was so happy he felt he could even break the doorbell code and talk to humans.

Just then a banana policeman came over and gave out to him for not staying on his door.  ’Get back up on your door.  You’re not allowed be free,’ said the policeman as he gave Mr. Ding–Dong a ticket.

‘Ok,’ said Mr Ding Dong, as he pretended to jump back up on the door. As soon as the policeman was gone he jumped back down and ran off to meet his friend Looey the Evil Magic Toilet.

When he got to Looey’s house he said,  ‘Yo man. I’m finally free!! Will you help me escape and go to Paris?’

‘Yeah sure,’ said Looey.  ‘But why do you want to go to Paris?’

‘I’ve always dreamed of climbing the Eiffel tower.’
Looey said, ‘Climb in and I’ll flush you there.’ As
Looey flushed him away he said, ’Beware of Coco the fashion frog.’...