Your Friend Or The World

Rathmichael National School, Shankill, 6th class, 20 June 2012
Bob Jennings, the farmer, lived in a shed in the middle of the forest. 

He had a small crop field full of spuds, vegetables and sponges. 

Bob was sitting in his old shed with his trusty friend, Plunkett the cat.  Plunkett seemed agitated at the constant rain.  He’d been acting very weird lately.
Plunkett knew the dangers of Jennings Bob, Bob Jennings’ arch-enemy, plan to abolish all cats with his army of dogs. Bob Jennings’ phone rang.  It was General Tibbles, the Cat Lord, who said, “Meow!  We need you and Plunkett to help us to stop Jennings Bob by recruiting some more cats.”

“Sir, yes sir!” said Bob Jennings. “We’ll get on it right away.”

Plunkett heard a barking noise outside in the woods so they realised they had to set off really quickly.  Suddenly, Bob slipped on a banana peel and broke a rib so Plunkett had to finish recruiting the cats for his army. 

The barking got louder and closer, so Plunkett had to choose between the injured Bob and his fellow cats...