Zest Quest

St. Andrew’s, Booterstown​, 6th class, 12th December 2019

A long time ago the society of lemons created lemon squisher on a tropical island. All who entered the lemon squisher would enter lemon land.

It was Zesti the lemons greatest ambition to become the chosen lemon.

But it would be a long road and Zesti would face many tough times on the seas of lemonade.

Every time Zesti tried to reach the tropical island, she always failed and had to cry on her friend Johnnie the Pushi’s shoulder.

Secretly it was Johnnie the Pushi’s ambition to go into the Lemon Squisher too but as he never had a very good plan he never mentioned it.

All who don’t reach the Lemon Squisher eventually join the league of limes, and follow their leader Larry the murderous lime.

Zesti was under pressure as every family member had already made it into the squisher 17 years ago.

The closest she got was on the sixth try but Larry the Lime had smacked her all the way back with his grater.

Pushi and Zesti were in a café one Wednesday when suddenly Larry the Lime came in and started killing all the lemons.

Zesti made it out, Pushi didn’t…