Ziggy Wiggler and his Horrible Granny

​​Powerscourt NS, County Wicklow, 3rd/4th Class, 13th October 2016

Ziggy Wiggler was at school one day. He was in class, wishing for a pink, fluffy unicorn; his best friend, Candyfloss, WAS a pink, fluffy unicorn, but she was on holidays in Fuf-land, so Ziggy-Wiggler was lonely.

Just then, a terrible thought came to him: his Granny!! 

Then he had an even more terrible thought: she was getting a hair-cutting job!!

Suddenly, Ziggy-Wiggler’s Granny rushed into the classroom with a big scissors; she went over to Ziggy-Wiggler and cut off a little bit of his hair.

“No running in the classroom with scissors!!” the teacher shouted.

Ziggy-Wiggler looked at his Granny’s scissors and saw pink, fluffy hair on them. 

“Have you cut Candyfloss’ hair?” he screamed. 

“No, your pink fluffy unicorn ran away… and your friend Pizza is giving you his Purple, fluffy unicorn. This is its fluff,” Granny replied grumpily.

“But you have pink fluff on your scissors! You said Pizza’s unicorn was a PURPLE unicorn!! And I thought Candyfloss was on holidays!!!” Ziggy Wiggler gasped…