A Zombies Worst Nightmare

St. Josephs NS Hacketstown, Co Carlow 4th and 5th Class 15th June, 2011
A long, long time ago, there was a bird who was dead. And then he came back to life as a zombie. His name was Deady

He liked to play laser tag with his best friend, Mutant the elephant. Deady was 365 years old, while Mutant was 375.

One day, while they were eating Deady’s favourite meal of worm and chicken sandwiches, Deady said, “I really want to win a Golden Zombie Award.”

“Well, I want to jump over the moon with pixies, but that’s not going to happen, either,” said Mutant.

“To win the Golden Zombie Award, you have to zombie-shuffle across a tightrope that is sky-high.”

Deady said, “I know, but I’m afraid of heights. Will you help me conquer my fear?”…